Hello, I am TedClubberlang, but people usually call me Ted. I am one of the three Owners of this OP Prison server alongside MVPMaytrex (MVP) and QuickQuinn (Quinn). We are at constant effort to bring you guys the best prison server we can make. Unlike other prison servers we have split our roles as a leadership team, so not one person is in charge of everything, and all three of us are not in charge of one specific thing. Our roles are as follows

MVP - Server Resource Gatherer / In-game Enforcer

Ted - Server Configuration Manager / Development Leader

Quinn - Website Management / Staff Team Leader

Together we will make sure everything is done to our best ability. A possible Beta date, and release date will come soon, however since we are still in early development, it may not come for a while. That will be all, we will keep you guys posted as progress continues, have a nice day!